Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Yellow- My Spring Colour

   It has been a VERY long winter this year, but alas, it looks like spring has finally arrived! A little later than we'd all had hoped, but she's made it none the less.
 With spring, comes the transition from wintery pales to brighter and more playful spring colour palettes. My spring colour this year is yellow. It's bright, cheerful, energetic- and after that never-ending winter, I think we could all use as much sunshine in our lives as we can get!

Here is an assortment of yellow items that will help bring some sunshine, inside.

1. Print- Chapters Indigo 
2. Candles- Ikea
3. Pillow- Bed Bath & Beyond
4. Paint- 2021-30 Sunshine, Benjamin Moore
5. Rug- Ikea
6. Side Table- Ikea
7. Duvet Cover- Ikea
8. Chair- Lowes
9. Vase- Chapters Indigo
10. Fabric- Tonic Living

What are your favourite spring colours this year?

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