Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Mosaic Heart Artwork- Using Paint Chips

   With Valentine's Day quickly approaching (seriously, where did January go?),  I've been itching to create some heart artwork. After looking at some other paint chip art that I've done in the past, I decided to try and make a mosaic inspired piece. Even though this was made with Valentine's Day in mind, it really could be displayed all year round. It's just that pretty!

What You'll Need:
-glue (I used a hot glue gun)
-wallpaper, or scrapbook paper for background
-paint chips
-piece of blank paper, for heart template
-picture frame

1. Cut your background to fit inside the picture frame. Using a piece of blank paper, draw a heart that's large enough to fit onto your background. Cut it out, this will be your template for the paint chips.

2. Cut your paint chips into different shapes and sizes. Start laying them out onto your template, evenly apart, trimming where you need to to make them fit.

3. Once your heart is covered, start gluing the paint chips onto your background.

4. Put your now finished mosaic heart art into a frame, and enjoy!

   What DIY's are you doing for Valentine's Day?