Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Fall Trend Predictions

   Fall is officially here, and I must admit, I'm pretty excited! Although I love summer, and all its sunny weather, fall has always held a special place in my heart. Colours get deeper and richer, the air gets crisper, fashion gets edgier, and who doesn't love a trip to the pumpkin patch!
   With the season changing, that means it's that time again for some new design trends. I've always enjoyed predicting what I think will be trendy, and in the past, have been surprisingly pretty accurate -Lets just hope I didn't just jinx myself there. My strategies are; noting what I'm seeing more often in stores, magazines, on TV, in fashion, etc., what was starting to be introduced last year around the same time, but didn't quite become trendy, and pure gut feeling.

Let's start with colour!

Burgundy/ Oxblood- We started to see some interest last year with the deep red tones. It appeared here and there in magazines and in fashion. I was slightly obsessed with the colour last year, and was determined to find “thee” right nail polish shade (You'll be happy to know, I did find it. It's called Wicked by Essie, my favourite fall shade to wear!). Since it didn't take off last fall, I'm expecting the deep reds to come back full throttle this year. I've already been seeing it used in fall clothing, it's only a matter of time before it shows up in home decor.

Navy Blue- Teals were huge this summer, and now that the season is changing, I suspect that navy blue will take its place. I have been seeing it paired a lot recently with orange (who doesn't love a complementary colour scheme!), burgundy, and olive green.

Orange- Orange was a favourite this summer and I can see it transitioning into fall. Although I believe it will get rustier than the bright oranges we seen this summer.

              Navy blue, burgundy, and olive green paired with gold accents create a rich palette. 

Gold- With the cooler weather on its way, finishes are warming up. Gold seems to be the finish of choice lately, especially paired with black. It was after I used a gold framed mirror in our powder room that I realized how popular gold was getting (Pictures of that renovation coming soon!). 

Natural Wood- For awhile, it was all about painting your furniture. The DIY's are everywhere! Now, leaving the wood natural is gaining popularity again. Don't get me wrong, painted furniture is still a big thing, but with the trendy colours becoming deeper and richer, it's only natural for wood to be a number one pairing with all its natural warmth and depth. 

Horizontal Wood Paneled Walls- In the past, I have seen focal walls done in wood flooring or barn board. Its a great way to add texture and warmth to a space. Since natural wood is becoming a favourite again, I can see applying wood on accents walls becoming quite popular. Especially in commercial spaces. 

The reclaimed wood planks add warmth and texture to this simple, neutral bedroom.

 Herringbone is showing up in magazines and in artwork more often than usual lately. I am seeing it being used in back splashes, on floors, in artwork, and even fabric. In the past, herringbone was used in traditional settings, but recently have seen it used in more contemporary styled spaces. It makes sense that herringbone becomes trendy this fall since the chevron pattern was huge this summer. 

              The wood herringbone floors add great visual texture against the shaker doors.

Elephants- There's usually always a trendy animal, and I believe this fall will be the elephant. Other than seeing a lot of elephant artwork online, this prediction is pure jut feeling. 

   There you have it, my fall trend predictions! 
What are some of your fall trend forecasts? Will you be following any of these trends? 

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  1. Hi! I love the reclaimed wood wall you posted. I would like to try and duplicate this. Do you have any suggestions/ideas on the coloring/stain/aging? I have been looking at stains and also aging processes and this looks nothing like them.

    1. Hello The Langkawels! Thank you for your comment :) It might take a bit of playing around, but I'd suggest using a a honey coloured transparent stain and a black transparent stain. Start with the black transparent stain, and with a rag, apply it on certain areas where you can see a lot of wood grain and knots. After it's dry, sand some of the black parts down to tone them down, and apply the honey coloured stain onto the whole board. After that's dry, sand some parts again to make it appear weathered. I've also heard of hitting the boards with a bag of nails to help add some dings and scratches.
      You can also use flooring that looks like reclaimed wood on your walls. It's definitely the easier option.
      I hope this helps :)