Thursday, 13 June 2013

MY TOP 5: Painting Supplies & Tricks

1. Microfiber Rollers- These rollers give a great smooth almost sprayed on finish. This means no more orange peel texture on your walls like the general purpose rollers leave. With paints drying faster than ever, the microfiber rollers hold enough paint in them to keep the paint from drying on the roller. Once washed out, they can be used over and over again making it well worth the extra money. 

2. Artist Brushes- I always revert back to artist brushes. Whether it's the artist in me, or the perfectionist, artist brushes are perfect for those tricky areas where a paint brush is just too big or not precise enough to do the job. 

3. Wet Cloth- It took me a few painting projects to finally realize that having a wet cloth handy is a must! Especially for those of us who aren't the most graceful. Whatever you are painting, big or small, it only takes a second of distraction for a drop of paint to fall or for a roller to hit the ceiling. This is when the trusty wet cloth comes in hand. It is much easier to quickly wipe up the mess while it's wet then having to touch things up later.

4. Wire Brush- I don't know if you've ever tried cleaning out a paint brush after a day of painting before, but all I can say is it's frustrating and takes for-EVER to get completely clean. I can understand why people throw them out after one use. Fret no more- those days are over! Using a wire brush while cleaning will take off all the pesky dried up paint that sticks to the bristles and push out all the paint. 

5. Glass Cleaner- Like the father from My Big Fat Greek Wedding (If you haven't seen it, you really should) says, “Windex fixes everything”.  Believe me, he really was onto something. For the spots of dry paint on the floor, glass, counter, furniture, or anywhere else that you didn't catch while painting, spray some glass cleaner on it and it will help loosen the paint. Depending on how long the paint has been settled there, you may need to gently scrape at it.

  There you have it! Those are a few of my trusty top painting supplies and tricks that I've gathered over the years. 

What are your favourite tricks and go-to supplies when it comes to painting?

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